☑ SHA-2 Fingerprint is found in Database.
Time Stamp (UTC time zone):May 9, 2018 1:23:03 am UTC
Time Stamp (converted to local time):
SHA-2 Fingerprint:662e7da04d440168ffb6c09bbbe42356295e308365f77718c268ac17d6040f9c
Sequential Validity Check:9e88622878eb5d9ff00975264fcef821aee7cc7ce896db91d8687427b5d69da3
NOTICE: It may be easier to submit the Original File instead of the SHA-2 fingerprint, for this Time Stamp.
Although the above steps prove that the SHA-2 fingerprint was timestamped at the above date, we have not yet proven that this was derived from the file of interest.

To finish verification of time stamp for this particular file, its SHA-2 fingerprint must be calculated and confirmed to match exactly the fingerprint above.

Note that altered files will produce different SHA-2 fingerprints, and cannot be verified.

How to calculate SHA-2 fingerprint:


Further, third-party proofs: https://web.archive.org/web/*/truetimestamp.org

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